our ministries.


Rock Youth

The Rock Youth is a children and youth ministry designed to engage and empower the youth at St. Stephen's. Combining curriculum-based bible study with Socratic method style conversation, engagement, and exploration of the manner in which Jesus' teachings relate to our modern world, The Rock is like no other youth ministry.

Youth at St. Stephen's are encouraged to think critically, respond creatively, and have a ton of fun!


Hope Garden

The Garden at St. Stephen's was the result of extended activism and advocacy from the parish and local community. With help from then council-member Eric Garcetti, a bountiful, beautiful source of food and green-space for the neighborhood grew in place of a derelict alley. The garden is maintained in partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles and its Seeds of Hope ministry. The Hope Garden serves as a beautiful space for our community to grow, an abundant source of produce to share, an a hands-on education area for our preschool. The garden is also home to a seedling and microgreens operation that helps to sustain this ministry!


Health Programming

Nutrition and Health are an integral part of the St. Stephen's community and of our commitment to the larger Hollywood area. At coffee hour we serve fresh, healthy options alongside the typical "donuts and coffee" fare and In partnership with non-profit Jubilee Consortium, whose offices are housed on our campus, St. Stephen's is able to offer a variety of low-cost, donation based fitness programs ranging from Youth Boxing and Yoga to Zumba and Competitive Jump Rope!


Sacred resistance

We believe the gospel is an inherently justice-focused message. In his ministry, Jesus organized and educated his followers while advocating clearly and radically for the poor, neglected, oppressed, and persecuted. At St. Stephen's, this sort of Sacred Resistance is a preeminent extension of our efforts to live out Jesus' call. We don't shy away from discussion of politics, current events or involvement in direct action and advocacy for the advancement of social justice.

Father Jaime serves as co-chair of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles Task Force on Sanctuary and Sacred Resistance.


music ministry

Springing out of a now-retired Saturday Jazz Mass, St. Stephen's band and choir is filled with industry professionals and avant-garde creatives. The music at St. Stephen's is a blend of traditional hymns and modern anthems - You're as likely to sing Marley's "Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing" as the timeless "Sweet Chariot".

The Music ministry extends beyond mass with guitar lessons, concerts, and our annual Good Friday Project.