What's Happening at St. Stephen's?

Bilingual Sunday - 1st Sunday of the Month

On the first Sunday of every month at St. Stephen’s, we bring both our English-speaking and Spanish-speaking services together for one bilingual service at 12:00 pm. Same format, same music, same communion … with a few new words you may not be used to. I know bilingual worship is not everyone’s cup of tea but in today’s world where some are intent on erecting walls to separate us, we must find ways to bring us together.

Hopefully Greens


These days the Hope Garden at St. Stephen’s looks like a work of art. It is bursting with variety of shades of red, green and purple. There are delicious baby greens, baby lettuces, micro greens, herbs and more in need of harvesting and consuming. This Sunday, after church, why don’t you take a stroll in the garden and go shopping. Take a pair of scissors and a few bags and harvest directly from blessed soil the 100% organic deliciousness you and your family will need for the week. We’ll provide the tools; you provide the labor and a donation to help sustain the garden’s beauty and bounty.

200 Youth Volunteers at St. Stephen’s on MLK Day


On January 15th, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, over 200 middle and high school age youth from two wonderful youth leadership organizations, Big Citizen HUB and MOSTe (Motivating Our Students Through Experience,) will be descending on St. Stephen’s for a day of service and volunteering. They will be painting fences and tables, moving mountains of soil, building hoop covers for the garden, construction new garden beds to grow more food, and beautifying the garden with murals. These young people are awesome. Come on out, lend a hand, make a friend, be a mentor for a day. We begin at 10:00 am and will go until 3:00 pm.

James Edwards-Acton