Humans of St. Stephen's - Pierre


"Jane was playing a song - a Lonnie Liston Smith tune - so I walked up to her and asked her, 'Are you playing Lonnie Liston Smith?' She said, 'Yeah!' And I said, 'I'm home!'

This is home to me.

Nobody looks at you oddly, nobody looks at you strange. They welcomed me and my partner. It's just been a really wonderful experience as a gay man in this congregation.

Then, to be able to hear someone literally open up the verse and feed you - not only feed you but allow you to have your own viewpoint on it and glean from it what you think is possible, I think it has allowed me a great deal of freedom to express myself and to be a little more open with what I believe... There's no one way to do this thing called 'Christianity'."

Pierre Chambers
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James Edwards-Acton