Humans of St. Stephen's - Talia

"My mom and dad were activists, not because it was the thing to do but because it was the right thing to do. Once I found out this church was all about social justice, I was like "Oh my Gosh, this is totally where I fit" because it brings together what I think is God's message. Loving people and keeping them in his love. That when social justice isn't happening, we have a responsibility to step in when other people can't.

We came here, and this was home. After hearing Holly's story the first time I came, I was extremely moved because it was relatable. It was human. It made me realize that everyone was welcomed, and I was welcomed. Being a multiracial lesbian family, we were welcomed. I wanted that for my kids. A more encompassing spiritual experience."

~Talia Guppy
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James Edwards-Acton